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A lot of products are Swiss made and sold internationally. However, many of them aren't officially produced in the homeland, which is why it's important to release a list of goods that bear the official seal. While Switzerland is best known for chocolate and watches, those aren't the only products that made our country famous. Many other goods, such as cheese and wine, are sought-after gifts that are appreciated worldwide. Below you will find a list of the most famous ones that are internationally renowned for their quality

Gifts, food and beverages

Delafee's Gold leaf is a Swiss company selling gold and silver leaves, usually 24 karats, which are used to apply gold on many surfaces. Thanks to the quality of its supply, Delafee Decor managed to become an industry leader.

One of the most famous cheeses in Switzerland is the Gruyère AOC, sold everywhere in the world in various forms, with a very strict production site and recipe.'s international flower delivery is a network of florists everywhere in the world. Please note that the bouquets are never sent by mail: it is an artisan in the area who will deliver the flowers in person.

Lindt might be one of the most famous producers of chocolate in the world. At the forefront of innovation and quality, they respect very high standards when it comes to production and release several new chocolates each year, worldwide.

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