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Did you know that Switzerland is the country where people send the most flowers per capita? Bouquets and flowers in general are a very strong tradition in our country, that goes back many centuries. That's why the business of sending and ordering flowers is very developed, through many companies in the country.

  • Best Switzerland flower delivery sites
    This website is a comparison chart of most Swiss companies delivering flowers online. Through a rigorous methodology, every website is ranked according to prices, freshness and quality of the online experience/customer service. The data is regularly updated, making this the ideal entry point to send flowers to and from Switzerland.

  • Flower delivery to Switzerland
    Daily-Flowers is an exciting new company based in the canton of Neuch√Ętel, in Switzerland. They are allowing their clients to send flowers everywhere in the country, and provide a lot of options such as greeting cards, gifts and chocolates you can include with your bouquet.

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