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Not a lot of people know that Germany and France are the 2 countries with most Swiss expats. Indeed, their proximity and cultural similarity make them a prime destination for Swiss citizens, whether they're studying, working, or living.

  • Belgium

    Send flowers to Belgium
    Do you have relatives and friends in Belgium? Now it's easier than ever to send them flowers, even from abroad. Thanks to this website created entirely in English, French and German, it's easy to pick a company to have them deliver a bouquet for you anywhere in Belgium.

    Belgian chocolate
    If you really want to upset the Swiss, tell them that Belgian chocolate is better. You'll get an instant reaction out of them. In all seriousness though, Belgian chocolate is a serious contender (for second best of course). Visit this website to send some to your friends.

    • Spain

      Flower Delivery to Spain
      Who said you couldn't send flowers to Spain too? It's now possible thanks to this very useful website, which is widely used and recommended by our Swiss expats in Spain. It provides a lot of information to pick the right bouquet and gift for the occasion, listening all the companies you can use that will reliably deliver your flowers to your recipient.

      Chocolate to Spain
      Life is always sweeter with some chocolate. And whether you live in Switzerland or Spain, you still want to have access to the best. Enter PlaneteChocolat, a company which will delight you with their many assortment of Swiss - and others - chocolates! Highly recommended.

    • France

      France Flower Delivery
      France has a remarkable and vibrant flower industry, based on centuries of refinement. Since Swiss expats are the European citizens that send the most flowers per capita, it only makes sense that this website would be the first on our list - the best way for expats to reach their loved ones in France.

      Send Swiss Chocolate to France
      After flowers, what's the second thing that Swiss people send by the kilos? Chocolate, of course! And the company above even allows customers to send chocolate directly to your recipient anywhere on the French territory!

    • Germany

      Send flowers to Germany
      If France has the most French-speaking Swiss citizens living on its territory, Germany certainly has the most Swiss German expats! Germany does have a strong tradition for bouquet making, and Swiss expats looking to reward their loved ones can now do so anywhere in the country of Goethe!

      Good news, Swiss chocolate lovers! Laederach, probably one of the best Swiss chocolatier, now delivers its delicious chocolates to Germany! Now Swiss expats may enjoy its unique taste or send a gift to their loved ones away from home.

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