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To assist students in their administrative requests, a website has been set up which covers every aspect of studying in Switzerland, from getting a medical insurance, a bank account and the necessary papers for immigration.

Study Visa

Getting a student visa in Switzerland is more or less the same process as working: there's a distinction between EU and non-EU residents:

  • European Union residents

    To obtain a student visa in Switzerland, you must register with the authorities within 14 days of your arrival. Documents necessary include proof of sufficient funds to cover expanses, a medical insurance and a certificate of enrollment in a school or university.

  • Outside the European Union

    The main difference is that the request for a visa must be made from the candidate's home country. Their request will be sent to the local Swiss embassy, including usual university and school papers showing enrollment. Keep in mind that a language test may be prompted if necessary. Full list of Swiss embassies throughout the world.

Please visit our list of schools for more information about available cursus in the country.

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